Grinding software

We are developing technology programs for all groups of CNC grinding machines. In this area we are working with leading manufacturers of this equipment in the CIS. Developing software for these machines, we solve the following tasks:

  • Creating an original interface for specifying the equipment manufacturer
  • Programming the measuring cycles to determine the size of the workpiece, its orientation and control of the treated parts.
  • Programming cycles of standard grading and dressing of grinding wheel
  • Edit circle shaped roller
  • Edit range tore through the bypass roller profile for a given trajectory
  • Programming cycles of standard treatment:
    • The flat one-pass grinding
    • Flat multipass grinding
    • Flat grinding with multipass transverse displacement
    • Creep feed grinding
    • Grinding of a circular sector, fixed on a table
    • and much more
  • Developing a user interface for writing your own programs using grinding as standard cycles and their own routines, written in the G-codes
  • Development of special grinding cycles:
    • Grinding of a circular sector with the use of two-axis rotary table
    • Grinding of cams and bearing journals of camshafts
    • Internal grinding of cams (cam profile is given by, or table)
    • Grinding areas
    • Profile grinding involute and straight broaches with the formation of the posterior angle
    • Profile Grinding of arbitrary configuration

Our experience will allow you to solve problems of any complexity in a professional manner at the most minimal terms.