Tool grinding software

We are the developer of specialized software, distributed under the brand name "CutTools", which is intended for the manufacture and sharpening of cutting tools on the CNC sharpening machines. CutTools - a modular system. At present there are 20 separate modules for manufacturing and resharpening of different types of tools that are combined into a single system to customer specification. The proposed software is completely debugged, has been tested and successfully operated at 27 plants in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
All software modules are implemented for a personal computer running OS WINDOWS, so and directly into the operator-panel in the CNC machine, if it possible. The result of work those moduls is a control program for the CNC machine that is passed into the control system via RS-232 or other standard method. The system "CutTools" operates independently of the machine. It is easily adaptable to any CNC system and kinematics of the machine.

Currently developed postprocessors for the following machines:

All models (and their modifications) semi-automatic grinding, grinding machines manufactured by the JSC "Plant VIZAS" Vitebsk:

  • VZ-205F3 (CNC system 2S42-65)
  • VZ-208F3 (CNC system 2S42-65)
  • VZ-326F4 (CNC system 2S42-65)
  • VZ-392F4 (CNC system 2S42-65, SINUMERIK 802D, 810D, 840D, HEIDENHAIN)
  • VZ-417F4 (CNC system SINUMERIK840D)
  • VZ-419F4 (CNC system SINUMERIK 810D, 840D)
  • VZ-454F4 (CNC system SINUMERIK 810D, 840D)
  • VZ-531F4 (CNC system SINUMERIK 840D)
  • CNC tool regrinder JUNGNER (CNC system FanucSeries 16i) Sweden
  • CNC tool grinder «NORMA» f. «Schneeberger» (CNC system FanucSeries 16i), Switzerland
  • CNC tool grinder HAAS (CNC system SINUMERIK 840D), Germany
  • CNC tool regrinder La Prora (CNC system «NUM 1060"), Italy.

CNC tool grinder WALTER Germany:


 If this list is not include your machine, you need to contact us to clarify the possible compatibility of the proposed software with your equipment.

Here is the complete list of software modules CutTools:

  • Cylindrical end mills;
  • Cylindrical end mills with ball nose;
  • Cylindrical end mill with unequal circumferential step, and the different angles of helix (such as Z-Carb);
  • Conicals end mills;
  • Conicals end mills with ball nose;
  • Profile cutters with straight or oblique tooth;
  • Profile cutters with helix tooth;
  • Profile relivied cutters with straight or oblique tooth;
  • Rotary burrs of various shapes (sphere, cone, sphere, cylinder, cone, torch, torch-sphere, the reverse cone);
  • Drills;
  • Step drills;
  • Drills for center applications;
  • Gun drills;
  • Countersinks cylindrical;
  • Countersinks step;
  • Cylindrical sweep;
  • Conical sweep;
  • Grinding flutes of taps;
  • Hobs (grinding on the front surface);

In 2008, has been developed, tested and successfully implemented software for the manufacturing of cutting tools, which is installed in the system of CNC SINUMERIK 840D.