Z-carb cutters

Mills such as Z-Carb have a design capable to reduce and eliminate vibration even with heavy-duty milling. This effect is achieved due to uneven angular position of the teeth and the different angle of inclination of each group of coils. For example, two spirals have the angle of 35 °, and the remaining two - 38 °. Due to this design solution changes the frequency of forced oscillations of the instrument, and the resonance occurs only when a significant increase of the cutting. Z-Carb cutters are used for processing of titanium, stainless, tool and carbon steels, cast iron and aluminum.

Module "Mills-type Z-Carb" calculation provides grinding wheel position and motion for manufacturing and resharpening of the tool type, as well as handling all of its surfaces with a single installation. 

It provides processing tools in the following range: 

  • Diameter of cutter: determined by the hardware.
  • Number of teeth: 4, 6, 8 pcs., In groups of 2, 3, 4 teeth.
  • The angle of flute 5 ... 45 degrees. In Group 1 - the angle specified on the drawing, the angle of the settlement of other groups.
  • Number of teeth, reaching to the center of 1 or 2;
  • District steps from mills is not uniform, the deviation from uniformity of ± 15 degrees.

Parameters of tools that can produce or resharpening using this software module that vary over a very wide range. The main limitation associated with the design and technological capabilities of existing grinding equipment.

screens of the program


This module allows for different designs of the teeth at the end of the cutter:

  •  All the teeth are short. Option mills with center hole.
  • One long tooth (cutting the center cutters), the other short. It is used mainly with an odd number of teeth.
  • Two long tooth (cutters to the center), the other short. It is used for an even number of teeth.


You can also set the chamfer angle (in the transition from the end of the cylindrical part) to increase tool life.

For the calculation, you must also enter the settings for a set of grinding wheels, which will be processed (diameters, angles, profile, wear radius, the distance between the wheels). All this is taken into account when calculating to get the most accurate results.

photo tool that can produce or resharpening using this module

 Control received the control program can be performed using the module "3D simulator", which fully emulates the work of grinding machine tool and builds three-dimensional model treated tool so it will be obtained on the machine.